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To prepay or not to prepay?

Providing our customers with the flexilibity to manage the services they purchase through us has always been one of our most important projects. We felt that we needed to extend this flexilibity into a more customer-focused approach when it comes to billing, which is why we introduced the prepaid and postpaid payment systems.
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Pay your services upfront and save up to 25%!

Thanks to our prepaid system, managing your subscriptions and adding new products or services is easier than ever! Once you add credit to your account, it becomes available to you instantly, and allows you to add services with the click of a mouse!

What's the difference between prepaid and postpaid?



Automatic Subscription Renewals

When you are using our prepaid system, you can optionally choose to have your subscriptions automatically renew when they are due for renewal. Our systems will renew them for you if your prepaid balance shows sufficient credit to do so. This means you won't need to worry about expiring services anymore.



Up to 25% reduction on services ordered

When using the PrePaid system however, we are translating this one disadvantage of the requirement of pre-financing future services into discounts of up to 25% on services you purchase using your PrePaid balance. This means you can save substantially when you decide to use our PrePaid system.



Instant order processing

Another huge advantage of using the PrePaid system is instant order processing; if your account balance is high enough, we instantly activate all services you order through our website. As we will no longer need to go through manual fraud verification, our systems will automatically approve your order for further processing. This really does put you in control!



Less Administration!

When using the PrePaid system, the amount of financial transactions to be executed, and processed into your accounting, drastically decreases, giving you more room to focus on your primary business, and not on this administrative overhead. Our systems will also provide you with full detail reporting so you know exactly what you paid for.



Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to pay my invoice when choosing the PostPaid system?

Unless otherwise agreed with you, all services we provide need to be paid for before they are being activated by our systems. Using the PostPaid system does not change this, but simply allows you to only pay upon order submission, and does not require you to add credit to your account with us for future use. If you would like to discuss payment credit, please contact our billing department.

When is my credit payment added to my account?

All credit is added to your account as soon as your payment has been received and confirmed. If you feel there is an error with your credit balance, do not hesitate to contact us for verification.

Can all services be paid using my prepaid balance?

Yes, all services can be paid using your prepaid balance. In fact, our systems will automatically use your available credit when it is available. Please note however that not ALL services benefit from an additional reduction when using your prepaid balance. To find out more, please visit the page of the service you would like to order to find out if an additional reduction will be applied when using your credit balance. Still having questions? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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