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Box Trapper

Only receive email from the people that you want
Only receive email from the people that you want
Most if not all spam is being sent by servers or computers that automatically send out thousands of emails to large email lists which are being compiled automatically. And even though we offer great spam filters, some of these messages may still get through our filters.
If you want to get rid of spam messages entirely, you may optionally enable the Box Trapper feature from within your control panel. Once enabled for your email account, all email received on that account will be put into a seperate box until the system can verify that the sender of the message is in fact human, and the email was not sent by an automatic process.
In order to do so, the system will send an email to the sender of the email message, requesting them to confirm that they are human by clicking a link or replying to the message. Once they do, they will automatically be added to the whitelist for your account, and all their future emails will automatically be delivered to your account.

Our control panel enables you to turn this service on or off, and to modify the contents of the email that will be sent to your correspondents for verification. It also allows you to manually add and/or remove correspondents to the whitelist or blacklist.
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